Mentoring Programs

Work with an online business mentor to achieve your business goals. Borders Mentors know that running a business can be isolating – sometimes it’s difficult to find the right advice and sometimes it’s great to just to have an expert as a sounding board – someone who understands the issues and can help you to consider your options objectively.

An expert mentor can also help you to manage change, identify and take advantage of opportunities for growth, or take your business to the next level. All Borders Mentors are successful business people in their own right and can offer direct personal experience of dealing with the trials and challenges of running a small business, as well as helping you to make the most of new opportunities.

Work with a business mentor with one of these programs from Borders Mentors:

One-off Session – this provides a one-off consultation with an experienced business mentor. A good opportunity to explore an individual challenge or opportunity and receive knowledgable feedback that will help you in making your decision.

Silver Programme – this offers regular, ongoing contact with your mentor in the form of one 40 minute instant chat or instant chat conversation per month and one e-mail session per week.

Gold Program – this intensive program offers regular instant chat and e-mail contact with your mentor – in the form of unlimited e-mail contact with your mentor throughout the month, plus one 40-minute instant chat call or instant chat per month.

Business Mentors at Borders