Understanding ADHD

This 4 module course aims to provide a useful, practical resource for parents whose child has been diagnosed with ADHD. It explores the latest research on causes and treatments of ADHD, as well as drawing extensively on the experience of parents who have firsthand experience of supporting a child with ADHD.

The course takes a 'whole child' approach and includes one-to-one support from an expert tutor/parenting coach.

Study at home in your own time.

Well-design course materials help you to develop key parenting skills and strategies.

Short 4 module course with a strong practical focus.

Instant chat support from your support team is available between 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week.

There are no set class times, so you can fit study into your life in a way that suits you. You'll benefit from one-to-one support from an expert tutor who you can contact by email at any time.

There is an assignment at the end of each module which is designed to reinforce your new skills and strategies, and help you to begin applying them to your own family situation.

All tutors are experienced parenting coaches who have training and experience in supporting children with ADHD and their parents and teachers.

Supporting a child with ADHD can be pretty full on, the course really helped me to step back and take stock - decide on the best course to support my daughter and help her to get the support she needed in school. It's beyond helpful to have an expert available on instant chat, just being able to talk things through and get another perspective was invaluable. It helped that my tutor was an expert, so she knew what she was talking about! And I never once felt judged... in a sense, you know, she recognised that I'm the parent and I'm the expert on my child!

Angela Scott


On successful completion of the course students are awarded a Certificate of Course Completion by Borders Connect.

Course Outline

Module 1. Defining ADHD: understanding ADHD; other conditions commonly confused with ADHD; common signs of ADHD; self-image and self-esteem: ADHD and the school setting. Photocopiable activity sheets. Assignment 1.

Module 2. Behaviour and ADHD: child development; theories about the causes of ADHD; managing behaviour at home and in school; supporting children who are experiencing challenges, including school difficulties, bullying, and friendship problems; promoting positive behaviour; fostering independence and self-reliance. Photocopiable activity sheets. Assignment 2.

Module 3. Social and Emotional Development and ADHD: developing communication skills; emotional and social development; how ADHD is identified; working with school staff; strategies for home and school. Photocopiable activity sheets. Assignment 3.

Module 4. Supporting Children with ADHD: non-verbal ways of communicating with children; effective support for learning in school; supporting children's learning and behaviour; teaching children how to manage frustration; promoting emotional literacy and building self-esteem. Photocopiable activity sheets. Assignment 4.

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