Courses for Parents

We’ve launched a unique range of courses that offer parents the knowledge they need to support their children effectively, as well as the support of an expert parenting coach for the duration of the course!

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  • Work with an expert parenting coach.
  • Learn how to best support your children at home and school.
  • Learn more about the problems children may encounter during development.
  • Understand more about child psychology, and how children think and learn.
  • All courses include unlimited coaching support, so you can chat to an expert coach at any time, by email or instant chat. (Parenting coaches are available by instant chat between 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week.)

[testimonial company=”Positive Parenting Course” author=”Jenny Carpenter” image=””] Before I started the course I was feeling really down – all I seemed to do was tell the kids off, in-between rushing backwards and forwards to work! It was stressing me out and wasn’t that great for the kids either. Working on the course helped me to change the way I related to them both – I learned how to address problems more positively. My coach, Ruth, was fantastic and always there to listen. I still have too much to do – but the time I spend with my kids now is fun for all of us! Priceless![/testimonial]

Courses for Parents include: Positive Parenting, Child Psychology, Play Therapy Skills for Parents, Understanding ADHD, Understanding ASDs, and Understanding Dyslexia.

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