Business Mentoring

Working with a business mentor or executive coach can help you to strengthen your business or career skills, develop key personal skills and work more quickly towards your key goals. (They can also help you to identify your main goals if you aren’t sure what they are!)

“Working with a mentor helped me to stay focused and move my business forward more quickly. My mentor works in the same industry as me, so she was also able to help me build connections much more quickly than I could have done alone. I think by far the most important thing for me was that my mentor was there to listen to me and provide a sounding board when I felt stuck with something. She didn’t tell me what to do, just helped me to explore the options, and sometimes offered a perspective I hadn’t thought of.”

Kat Webster

To find out more about business mentoring and coaching in the UK visit The Mentor Guide. They also offer advice on how to train as a business mentor.

To find an executive, career or business coach, visit Life Coach UK.

To train as a business or executive coach visit The Coach Training Centre.