RHS Level 3 Plant Growth

The course is ideal for those wishing to take their career in professional horticulture to the next level. There is a focus on soil management, disease and pest control, and plant propagation. The course is also a good choice for students wishing to launch a new career in horticulture at an advanced level, and provides a good foundation for higher education. Keen amateurs will also find this a rewarding and informative course.

The course includes:

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  • 8 Easy-to-follow study modules.
  • 8 Assignments
  • Supplementary study booklets and reports, including ‘Plant Names’ as well as revision guides.
  • FREE revision pack worth £18!
  • One-to-one tutor support by email and instant chat.
  • Accredited training – Borders connect is accredited by the ODL QC.
  • Borders Connect Certificate of Course Completion/
  • Revision support to prepare fully for the RHS Examination – Level 3 Principles of Plant Growth, Health and Applied Propagation.
  • 48 Hour courier delivery on this course (UK only).
  • Online study option if you prefer – start studying within 2 hours.
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    • RHS Level 3 Principles of Plant Growth, Health and Applied Propagation.


    Course Outline

    Study topics covered include: plant propagation; health and safety; growing media and plant nutrition; plant anatomy and physiology; plant health; important pests, diseases and disorders; soil science; effective cultivation techniques; the root environment; plant taxonomy. Includes all study material and full tutorial support. All courses are despatched by courier.

    Module 1: Understanding the Plant Kingdom.

    Module 2: How Plants Function.

    Module 3: A Healthy Soil.

    Module 4: Growing Media and Plant Nutrition.

    Module 5: Weeds, Pests and Biosecurity.

    Module 6: Diseases, Disorders and Control.

    Module 7: Plant Propagation 1.

    Module 8: Plant Propagation 2.

    Download a copy of the full syllabus from the RHS website.

    Sitting the Exam

    At the end of the course you will be ready to sit the RHS Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Plant Growth, Health and Applied Propagation, which you can do at an authorised examination centre in your area. (There is an additional fee for the examination.) Your tutor will provide personal support and advice to help you complete your assignments and prepare effectively for the exam.

    How Long Does the Course Take

    Most students can complete this course comfortably in 10 – 12 months (based on 3 – 4 hours study time per week). You have up to 12 months to complete the course, allowing you to work as quickly or as slowly as you like. You can also purchase 12 months of additional tutor and revision support for a minimal £20 fee if required.

    Payment Alternatives

    You can also enrol by instant chat or we can invoice your workplace – please call an adviser on 01896 860661 for more information.

    Online Study Option Now Available

    This course is also available online. Our online courses are delivered as pdfs direct to your email inbox. They can be saved to your computer or printed out.

    Borders Connect . is one of the UK’s leading distance learning providers. All of our home study courses include study material, which is sent out in an attractive, hardwearing folder, essential course books and full tutorial support or delivered online directly to your email address. We are accredited by the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council and registered as providers with the Learning Skills Council.