Online Counselling provides new opportunities for therapists!

Online websites such as Borders provide marketing support, so counsellors can concentrate on client workToday many counsellors and psychotherapists are keen to expand their therapy practice to work with online clients. More people than ever now have access to the Internet, and as they become increasingly familiar with the online world, the appeal of working with a counsellor online grows. For the therapist, online counselling allows them to work with clients nationally, or even globally.

I’ve worked in online counselling for over 10 years and in that time things have changed considerably. Today, almost everyone uses email, and a growing number of people are comfortable with instant chat and webcams too. The clients I work with now find it quite natural to work online with a therapist. The extra privacy and convenience is very appealing to them.”

Sara Fitzgerald, online psychotherapist

Learnng Curve offer an Online Counselling course designed for experienced therapists who would like to learn more about this specialised area of practice before beginning to work with online clients. As Borders UK is an accredited provider, most professional bodies are also happy to accept the certificate as evidence of continuing professional development, on ongoing requirement for all practising therapists.

Joining a service such as that offered by Borders Counselling allows therapists to concentrate on working with clients, while Borders supply marketing, a steady supply of clients and a booking system for online appointments. Borders require all therapists listed on their site to be members of a recognised professional body, so clients can feel confident about working with a Borders’ therapist.