Course Profile: Counselling Children

Borders UK offers two courses in this area:

  • Counselling Children – focuses on children up to 12. There is a big emphasis during the course on non-verbal approaches to counselling, notably play therapy techniques. Please click on the course title to see a full description.
  • Counselling Children and Young People – focuses on children and young people up to 16. In this course, the emphasis is on the problems and challenges that may be encountered by older children and adolescents, and there is a greater focus on a variety of verbal techniques, including groupwork. Please click on the course title to see a full description.

Counselling Children requires specialised skills and understanding, yet many counsellors and support workers find themselves offering counselling in the work role without being fully prepared. These courses have been designed to ‘fill the gap’ and are ideal for qualified counsellors, as they do assume some prior knowledge and experience of counselling. Students who are working towards counsellor accreditation can use the courses as evidence of continuing personal or professional development. (We are accredited as a training provider by the ODLQC.)

The courses may also be suitable for education staff who would like to broaden their knowledge of problems and challenges facing children and adolescents, as well as developing a range of useful practical skills and strategies, especially if you already have some counselling experience. However, we have also prepared two courses especially for the school or college context, and these may be more suited to your needs: