Develop Play Therapy Skills for your workplace!

Play Therapy skills can be helpful in a wide range of settings, from nurseries and school classrooms, to children’s hospital wards and family support centres. They can be especially helpful for staff who find themselves supporting children with emotional or developmental challenges without the training to do so as effectively as they would like.

I was spending an increasing amount of my time working with children facing many emotional challenges, and often I just didn’t feel I had the necessary skills to support them or reach them in the way I would have liked. The Play Therapy Skills course at Borders UK gave me a range of skills that I can use in my everyday work and has been invaluable.

Sara Green, Classroom Support Assistant.

Borders UK offers a short course on Play Therapy Skills designed to help students develop key practical skills that they can use in their everyday work with children. It is also a useful starting point for students who are interested in learning more about play therapy and perhaps going on to further study to qualify as a play therapist.