Writing for Business

This concise course focuses on the essence of good business writing. It is 4 modules long and includes 2 tutor-marked assignments; involving approximately 25 hours of study time.

This is an engaging practical course for students who would like to develop better business writing skills. Whether you need to write reports, newsletters, advertising material, or letters to colleagues and customers, this course can help. It will show you how to communicate more effectively through clear, accessible English. Our short home study course allows you to improve your skills at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, with direct, same-day support from a personal tutor when you need it. Includes all study materials, course book, and full tutorial support. Course book: The Business Style Handbook, Helen Cunningham and Brenda Greene.

Clear, effective communication is at the heart of a strong business, yet many businesses regularly send out letters, leaflets and advertisements that are badly written and full of basic errors. Writing for Business not only shows you how to get the basics right, but how to create powerful communications, so you can be confident that everything you send out makes a good first impression. The course begins by looking at the core skills of good writing before moving on to look at different types of business writing, including letters, e-mails, memos, press releases, direct mail, reports and advertisements. We also look at the importance of clarity and simplicity in business communications, as well as key elements of layout. During the assignments you will have the opportunity to submit some of your own writing for tutor feedback, helping you to develop your writing skills further. You will learn how to create writing with real impact.

Course Outline

Module One: Core Skills. The importance of effective business writing. Sentence structure and punctuation. Paragraphs. Writing with clarity. Gender neutral language. Presentation and white space. Reviewing skills.

Module Two: Letters, Memos and E-mails. Identifying your target reader. Planning. Creating clear, effective letters and memos. E-mail etiquette. The art of concise writing. Record keeping.

Module Three: Writing to Sell. Direct mail. Advertisements that engage. Marketing material with impact. Articles: beginning, middle and end. Press releases – working with the press. Personalised communications.

Module Four: Reports and Manuals. Planning longer pieces. Research. Structuring and creating a report. Writing guidance notes and manuals. Clarity and focus.


  • Certificate in Business Writing

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